Friday, June 11, 2010

Self Proclaimed Freak?

Lady Gaga has released a her new music video "Alejandro" and once again, it's production is epic. Though her music is mainstream, I can't help but notice how contra-distinctive the video is to the song. There is a strong "homoerotic military theme" but also various elements of the fetish and cyber goth aesthetics in this video that I would like to point out that are very interesting. Latex nun outfits and cyber goggles with lace, Gaga's videos always seem to incorporate Haute Couture pieces and fetish gear but is this something that we should embrace or be concerned about.

On the one hand, it is great that these designers are getting exposure in mainstream music videos but it is become a trend amongst other pop stars like Christina Aguilera. Personally, I feel that the fetish culture will suffer form this because when it fade out of mainstream, it will before a what people will call a fad. I'm not sure about the entire world of fetish and alternative culture but is don't want this scene to seem outdated or old news. Of course these cultures have and will continue to exist even after these mainstream pop star toss it aside but how will it affect us?

If you have an thoughts or opinions about this topic please feel free to comment. I would love to hear what you guys think? In the mean time I still think this video is worth watching, if for at least to see interesting clothing, settings and themes.

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  1. What a great post with some pretty interesting points. Now i don't feel so alone in writing about fetish and alternative lifestyles among other things on my blog.
    Yes with Lady Gaga exposing the fetish culture/fashion in her videos there is always a possibility it could become a world wide "trend". Will it though?In my opinion and take it for what it is I tend to think it won't be as so embraced because of the close-mindedness people have about the fetish/alternative culture and fashion.
    The interesting thing about this though is now people when they see someone that embraces the fetish/alternative lifestyle they will associate it with Lady Gaga.which is Fu%king sad because Lady Gaga isn't and never will be the face of fetish and alternative culture and fashion.
    the fetish and alternative fashion/lifestyle/culture will never die out and i don't think it will become a fad because of Gaga as long as people embrace it the fashion and the culture will continue to exist. how ever in my opinion I think the Lady Gaga fad (because that's truly what the fad is) will come to an end in the near future as soon as the corporate/music world finds some who might up that "freak fad" factor. then again these are jut my humble opinions and should only be taken that way. but again excellent post