Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Toronto Torture Garden 2010

This past May 24 weekend was the second year for Toronto Torture Garden. It was an epic four day event pertaining to the fetish and alternative community, which was run and organized by Craig Galbraith. There was much going on that you really missed out if you didn't check it out, and I was honored and ecstatic to have been able to perform and participate as a model for Saturday and Sunday night. I meet so many wonderful people: international models such as Mosh,Sharon TK, Jessica LeBlanche, Madria, Kate and, of course, our amazing local fetish models like Tina Timebalm and Sliver Skellington.

Saturday night was the main event for all the international performers and designers. I was just one of many amazing models that were asked to showcase U.K designer Kaoris Latex Dreams clothing that night. While getting ready and rehearsing for that night's show, I met and hung out with so many great people. At first, the dressing room was split into two groups, the local models and the out-of-town models, but that quickly changed when we met the designer and prepared for the show. There's something about the excitement and eagerness to try on our garments and get hair and makeup done that inspires people to open up and become more friendly. I was able the chat with some of my favourite models like Mosh and Sharon TK and had a blast getting ready. Though the pictures for Torture Garden have not been released yet, I'm excited to show you guys the phenomenal hot pink latex geisha outfit I wore and the stunning makeup and hair done for the lovely Cynthia Jade Farkas, as well as the wicked styling team of Carlos Spellbound. Seriously, everyone did an extraordinary job and I was proud to be part of it.

Sunday night was all about the local talent. This included fetish performers and clothing designers. There was an superb fashion show which included Artifice, Futurestate, Plastik Wrap and of course the amazing performance of Ego Assassin which I was part of. Ego's show was very unique because it was more than a simple runway show; it was a theatric performance that took hours of practice and will not be forgotten. The designers James and Jody wanted this show to have a story and put a lot of effort and thought into custom music and choreography. It was certainly a one of a kind performance, and I was glad to be a part of it.

Once again I would like to say everyone did an amazing job and definitely made Toronto the place to be for a fetish event. I can't wait for Torture Garden 2011.


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